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Searching for Essential Oil?

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Why are there not more essential oils in your products? I get that question occasionally. Well here is my reply:

Essential oils are extracted by distilling or cold pressing raw ingredients.

I limit my use of essential oils for a few reasons:

  1. Large amounts of plant material is needed to create small amounts of essential oil. Around 250 pounds of lavender and 10,000 pounds of rose petals are needed to make 1 single pound of essential oil of each. If you think about this in terms of the amount of farm resources needed to grow and harvest this volume of plants that could be a very large environmental impact for very little benefit.

  2. Soap is a wash off product and will spend very little amount of time actually on your skin. The chances of the essential oil working any magic on your skin in soap form are very small.

  3. Many people tend to have more skin sensitivity to essential oils than they do to lab created fragrances. I am included in this group. I tend to get itchy skin and watery eyes when I use essential oils.

  4. Essential oil scents do not tend to stick in soap. The fragrance and any benefit floats away in the wind.

I do use some essential oils when my mood strikes. I’m not opposed to it, however for I like to reserve their use for special occasions.

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